Watercolor axolotls <3


Cat-themed Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle! More info at http://mlpmerch.blogspot.com/2014/04/new-scootaloo-and-sweetie-belle.html


Cutie patootie


Some Rarity.

I love purple kitty, but besides showing them where the announcer room was she didn't have much to do, like the first half of part 2 she was gone, no one mentioned her at all, not even love struck Sunil. I would have loved it more if all the pets at the expo helped really, just imagine a giant tiger pouncing at the Biskits.

Yeah she was basically absent for most of it, i thought she would end up being the villain or something but i guess not

also i don’t remember seeing any other pets at the expo really, it felt like they were the only ones there

delilah was cool but she was virtually pointless, so was her Hetero Romanc with sunil 


looking up

my favorite tag ive gotten on a post was a picture of zoe trent with the tag #this reminds me of those littlest pet shop toys

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